Things To Know About Las Vegas Nevada New Homes

Las Vegas Nevada New Homes

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1. Things change without notice therefore; buyer(s) of New Homes or buyer(s) and their agent(s) of Resale Homes need to verify all information to their satisfaction.

2. Las Vegas Nevada New Homes usually have a base price and a fee for options and lot premiums.  There are some homes with an all included price.

3. It is always best to be prequalified by a loan officer so you know what you can afford before shopping.

4. I work with the some of the Best Loan and Escrow  companies in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you need assistance in any area I can help!

5. Please call or email me for current pricing on New Homes/Resale Homes on this site and elsewhere.

6. We offer additional buyer incentives on top of any the builder might offer.